Monday, January 3, 2011

HAPPY errrr... JANUARY 3rd!!!!

Wow--That was the holidays! I'll give you the abridged addition:

--Came home from Thanksgiving
--Got a terrible round of hives (boyfriend is a welder and I'm allergic to the nickel in metal--YOU think about that really hard for a sec...)
--Boyfriend was rear-ended at a stop sign totaling three week old car. He was ok except for a great big black eye that everyone kept saying I gave him.
--Spent days and days getting insurance settled. They finally gave us money and a seven day rental car. We had to find new car in 7 days.
--Got food poisoning with boyfriend while looking for car.
--Got car on Christmas Eve from a car auction set in a crazy dustbowl parking lot that looked like Mad Max ---- cars were being towed all over, and there were trucks and people doing donuts. We affectionately called it "Carmeggedon".
--Drove to in laws in new wonderful car, it's a 12 year old Volvo and it makes you believe that everything does happen for a reason.
--Experienced Christmas, worked all last week, experienced New Years

AND--am finally home again, back to my routine, which makes the Little Old Lady in me Very very HAPPY!!!! I don't know why I like routine, but I get all bent out of shape when there is none to be found.

I'm sure the last thing anyone wants to see at this point and time are pictures of treats, but I did manage to do Two Things; bake beautiful Christmas Cookies with Stella, and start to bake Whole-Grain Yeasted breads and make sculptures out of them. I took the pictures of all thinking to put them up here, so Belated It IS, but here you go--my culinary masterpeices:

I have Long Loved baking bread from Scratch, so I am very happy to be back at it. And if you do the whole grain thing, it takes a bit longer, but the bread you get from it is INCREDIBLY healthy!! Crazy! It's a good project for the multi-tasker in me: If nothing else works out, at least the bread gets made!