Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Well I'll be a Monkeys Uncle! I haven't written in two months. But things are going great. Things kept shifting, and shifting, and nosediving, and then pulling back up, and now we seem to have hit some sort of pace that seems do-able!!! As you can see, I have been hard at work on my crocheting don't ask me where this color palette came from. I am notorious for kind of murky Dutch painting type colors, but I saw that Marie Antoinette movie a ways back, and
something about the shoe sequence just Flipped Ma Switch, and Voile! I'm working in these four weird colors.

In other news: We got a place. Its sort of a weird rent to own deal that makes my Lawyer Best Friend keep rereading the Lease. But it's a good deal---We found a big brownstone just up the street, and it needs a bit of love.....

Ummmmm--it didn't even have stairs when we started. My fear of heights pushed us to build a set, and quick! There is a lot of lumber left in the place, and we are recycling whatever boards are good, and will burn the rest.

Well--a lot of love! This is the first day. We are 5 weeks in now and it looks much better. We are installing a bathroom this weekend, and fixing all the brick work. Downstairs it has a cement floor, and we are going to put an actual glass studio in! I cannot believe we are doing it, but we are. It's so exciting.

Sometimes I wish I were just sewing in a corner somewhere. My work load has tripled (can't complain--money is good) and we work on this albatross on the weekends. But I am pretty happy. Hope all is well with you all. I have to start making the rounds and seeing whateveryones up to....