Thursday, September 30, 2010

Evidence of my Worker Bee Way

I have been Hard at Work, though not Reporting. My White Exploration ended up with a bit of color in it--I just could not make all that white work for me!! But the color is light---more tints than anything--And the Whites and Ivories are the real star here. The Sizing ended up a Small, which is a Bummer as it narrows who can wear it! But it is Beautiful, and all that I
hoped---I have been calling it Miss Havisham.

This neck warmer is the next in "Finally Completed". You know I am just terrible at Finishing. I will hire a seamstress someday, and she can make sense of it! But this is sort of a nod to The Ascot--It has a Brown Linen Backing and snaps for closure.

I have a few more pieces to show but My Internet is on and off and on again Today. I love Rainy Days, but Today is Dreadful Weather. It's Rainy, and so Humid, and not even Cool. It's just Sticky and Grey out.

I am onto the next project---I endeavor to be more careful with my measurements. I try to Eyeball everything. I mean---it's a thrill when it works out, but so frustrating when it doesn't! That Miss Havisham is going to have to go to a very Skinny Necked Home! Argh....



  1. ah, perpetua! studies in whites are my favorite. but alas, i am not skinny-necked, and i am especially sensitive around the neck (convinced i was strangled in a past life). i adore the neck-warmer/ascot, especially combined with the brown linen.

    the weather here is dreadful too, although we much needed the rain.

  2. I laughed at the name Miss Havisham! It's been about 24 years (give or take a couple) since I read that book and that name still conjures up such a creepy/cool picture in my head.

    The neckwarmer is adorable on, and the embroidery is quite lovely.

  3. That neckwarmer is amazing - so beautiful! Have you ever come across the sculpture by Nicky de Saint Phalle called (I think) 'The Bride's Dream'? It's a super-creepy rendition of Miss Havisham - your lovely accessory is much less disturbing!

  4. Thank you for your comment in my blog. you do the most beautiful work. I love your collars and stitcheries!! I will visit often!