Sunday, September 19, 2010

Knowing when to Stop and Smell the Roses, and Knowing when there is No Stopping

Today we took Some Time Away from all of our day to day. You get to the point sometimes when you realize you haven't left the House Together Alone in Weeks. So we took our Bikes and trekked across town to Shofuso, the Japanese House and Garden, It is quite Aways Away from us, but with The Peuge and Stella, we ended up circling the entire city today!

This is the inside of the house. It is so clean and simple and beautiful. Those screens which seem to Glow with The Shadows of Water Cascading, are actually painted by a Master Japanese artist, Hiroshi Senju. When I heard about the screen paintings, I kind of cringed, but they are absoloutly ethereal, and give the house such a magical feeling. I can't say as I have ever seen such a simple, effective, well placed, piece of art anywhere.

Of course there was a Japanese Garden and beautiful Koi!! I did not touch the color in this photo at all. They are such Prehistoric, Mythical looking creatures, we spent a good hour or so watching them. It was so quiet and gentle there---I made a note to remember what I liked about this place so I can incorporate it into my home someday....

And I continue to Work. And Wind. And Coil and Design. I am beginning to like what I am making very much. I seem to go through phases where I hate what it looks like. Working wih glass has taught me to see things through to the end. So much of working with glass is seeing things through to the end, and there is no stopping once you have started a piece. Doing that has been the very best discipline Lesson I ever did Get.

So--My Amazing Man has just made a beautiful Pork Loin stuffed with Apricots and Goat Cheese (I kid you not---he really did!) so I must eat that and then--back to work. No stopping.



  1. hope you enjoyed your food, it sounded delicious! It's good to know that I'm not the only one with hermit like traits!!

  2. Hello!
    I came across your blog when I was getting a background from Hot Bliggity Blog. Of course I just have to follow a fellow lover of Koi. : ) The Japanese house is lovely.

    I'm actually looking 39 in the eyes (approx 3 weeks) so I can empathize. I don't FEEL old (well, maybe a bit achey) but the numbers have a different message.

    I love the way your blue embroidery picture below reflects the background of your blog. It might be neat to use it to create a button for your blog in the future.

    I just took a closer look at the picture you have in your blog header. Is it the back of embroidery? It's a very cool picture. At first it looks a bit like an ethereal colorful web and then a closer look reveals the substance.