Monday, May 2, 2011

Perpetua's Finest

I finally received my first batch of teas from my Tea Guy out of India a few weeks back and have come up with my first blend! This is a very fine Ceylon Black Tea, with hints of vanilla warmth and cream, completely wrapped in Orangey Citrus Goodness! It's good with milk, of course, but also just fine by itself. It is on sale on Etsy, so head on over there to check it out.

Also, I am Giving Away Teabags of all my new blends as they happen, with any purchase on my Etsy site. Because I have such a small quantity of each, the supplies are limited. But hopefully I can keep doing this. Blending tea is a lot like baking bread, you take your time with it, going to it, then letting it rest. Scent is a funny thing, after a few minutes you can't find where you are in the blend. You have to step away. Maybe I should have been a perfumier! I think I would have enjoyed it.

Well--more packing happening today. The big countdown has begun!

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