Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday

Another Birthday, another Year!
Yesterday was an unexpectedly wonderful day, full of Lovely People and Lovely Surprises!

My Honey spent the day with me. He completely outdid himself-- he surprised me with an amazing Annealer (that's a kiln for glass--) that we got from a Lovely woman who was downsizing her studio. It's bigger and in better condition than I could have possibly hoped for! What does this mean?? It means that now I can do my glass work right in my studio, and I don't have to go and rent from other people and schlep work from one place to another. It's The Most Major of Tools. We visited S.'s 72 year old, 3rd generation Italian barber, Lou, who wooed his wife of 51 years in a horse drawn buggy. Lou chatted our ears off and then pointed us to a beautiful place nestled in the woods to have lunch--this old Inn that is in the middle of no where, beautiful with leaves, and ducks, so amazing! We actually (I kid you not) discussed marriage---something both of us have never thought we would want....whew?

I cannot tell you how lucky I feel. I think back to all the Mismatches I dated over the years....I mean, if I was honest with myself at all back them, I would have kicked them to the curb Day Two. I had DOOZIES. Like, real headcases---I was the original "Oh I'll Fix You" Girl. Yep. You know her, or you are her...

But I didn't get how easy it's supposed to be. We are in our 4th year, and it's like, it's still such a treat to spend time with him. He amazes me at every turn. And he is still funny to me! He makes me laugh, and --- you know -- I wish I could take this knowledge and inject it into my twenty something self. I want to take her by the arm and lock her in her room and tell her she can't come out til she realizes that life is so much bigger than this repeating Drama with guys. I would have saved myself a lot of trouble and wasted emotion. But I guess that's AGE talking. At least I finally got WISE. So, I guess, the abridged edition is: I'll take the wrinkles over being that Koo-Koo Bird Twenty Year Old any day.


  1. happy, happy birthday, perpetua! i am loving the wisdom that comes with growing out of those awful 20s (and 30s too). i will drink some lovely tea and toast to your next year! (very excited about your glass and tea adventures too - it's bound to be an amazing year!)

  2. happy belated birthday!! and I know about the html code...tried to remove it once and lost my blog so it stays until I become more courageous!!

  3. and the cloth/embroidery in this post is beautiful.