Sunday, April 10, 2011


Oh how I have disappointed myself here. I have become one of those abandoned blogs people trip across and find interesting, only to realize that they haven't been tended to in a year. Oh bleeeeeeh. The past 6 months have been tumultuous.

First off, I rethought the Etsy thing. I was trying to make things More Difficult. Cause that's what I do. If it isn't uphill, you can Be Sure I will Dig a Hole and Build a Mountain with the Dirt, just so I can complain going up.

So I reopened Etsy: Antoinette Was Here. All of my stitchery is there, and some supplies are soon to be posted. What I failed to understand about my Relationship to Etsy is how much they take care of that I just can't take care of on my own. So, for that I apologize to Etsy! What a Bizarre and Humbling realization....

I also have been reconsidering my jobs, and maybe going back to school. I am not sure yet, or where, but I think perhaps, it's time.

So many things have shifted in recent months. We should be moving to our new abode June 1st. Something about walking up stairs I built myself has me nervous. What is that? I can only speculate. But we are moving in just the same, and hopefully it will be ok.

So hello all, and I look forward to catching up with folks here....

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