Saturday, April 16, 2011

Moving and Cleaning

Good Lord--- we are 6 weeks away from moving into our new studio. It's crazy. I am really happy with how it is coming, but when people tell you that renovating is a huge stress that will test your sanity? Believe them. When people said that to me in the beginning I completely thought, "Yeah, but I make stuff for a living. I'm used to this stuff." And I was CompletelyWrong--in fact, I can pretty much say I will never renovate a place that was in the Condition This Building Was, EVER AGAIN!! You know what it is? All the paperwork! Permits and Permits and Liscenses, and old rules on the book, and zoning!! Zoning?? ZONING!! The zoning of our building was originally we can sell art from it but not make any art in it. What? The whole Kit and Kaboodle was like that.

We have pretty much all the plumbing in--we still have to turn on the water, so that happens sometime this week or next. And i have started to paint--which has changed the place dramatically. I consider myself an expert with color and yet when I got a beautiful buttercream out of the can I bought and painted it on the moldings, it was a no-holes-barred School Bus Yellow! So rethinking that one.....

So the upshot is I am packing this weekend so we can move slowly over the next 6 weeks instead of killing ourselves in the heat of early summer. And as I am Packing, I am also Sifting. So on my Etsy Site I am listing a lot of great Threads--I use primarily silk threads, And I am combining them into Colored Bundles --- great stuff if you embroider. I also have a bunch of Jewelry findings, so those are up there too. Piles of Suff. It's overwhelming how much stuff I have, but I am trying to be organized and just sift through, step by step.

I'm running a little sale to help get rid of this stuff: coupon code: DESTASH15. It's usable on the knits too, but it's getting a bit warm for knitwear! I will run it til my birthday--April 29th! And that's a whole Other Discussion--does anyone else feel time is speeding up at an incredibly Brisk Pace?

Ok, so that's it for now--


  1. Hey, Glad to see you back in the blog universe:))

  2. Oh it's lovely to be writing again. I have been so submerged in projects---I am finally finding time to do work again. It feels good.

  3. your new shop looks fantastic! i'm glad you are back too. sounds like your renos have been insane - wish you could share all the progress, but i do know what it's like to have no time to do what needs done, much less bloggyblog. i've been experiencing some bloggy rebellion lately, just out of busyness and a touch of ornery-ness. not sure why. xxooo