Monday, April 18, 2011

Ew that Limbo before you move.

I am deep in the throes of a Split Personality. Personality A. is scoring clean boxes from the dumpster behind the beauty supply, and winding bubblewrap around breakables, and arranging for The Man to take them to the new place, a carload at a time. Personality B is the Doozy--she is decorating. I am like a bee without a hive and I keep scurrying to build one as fast as the original one is dismantled. In the OLD SPACE. What IS that??? I sorted my Fibers, or some of them, today. God, I have so much Thread! And then I decided they belonged in trees.

I have always liked a Decorated Tree. Circa BF (That's Before Martha) my mum was decorating trees for many a holiday. Like, Easter, for instance. Every Year we would walk around the back Yard and search for a perfect stick. Some Years, it was good As Was. Other Years, we White Washed it. Then her collection of Handpainted Czech Eggs came out, and the ones my father had painted by hand on wood he had turned on a Lathe in the workshop. Tiny little details, dots and dots, and diamonds---I think those Eggs colored my Idea of Beauty. PAAS was not in our Vocabulary, and I didn't even understand what those egg shaped Plastic things were hanging from trees in front yards so many years later. An Egg Tree was a Thing of Mastery. Our Egg
Tree, if you Added Up all the Hours, from all the artisans that it took to make it look as it did, was 1,000's and 1000's. And if you added in all the time that it took each artist to learn how to do what they did to contribute--well, you see. It was, if I may say, an Honour to Grow up with such beautiful Hand Wrought Things about me.

So I decorated Two Fig Sticks that stand near my bed. They were originally Fig Trees, but these little black buggies got to them last year, and all I have are the Two Fig Sticks. That I draped in Tangled Silk. I'm not sure it Translates into anything, except that Personality B seems pleased with herself.....

In other news, I have just imported TEA! What? yes Tea. I have a Habit, and I have decided to just go with it. I am "just going" with a lot right now. Just doing what comes natural, instead of trying to find the Angle that will lead to some Career. So I bought up a bunch of Basic Teas from an Old Friend in India from My Tea House Days in NYC (I was a server in Tea Houses for 7 years--it's where the Habit began!). And in the next month or so, I will be offering Hand Blended Flavored teas. I'm just going to mix the ones that I mix for myself, and we'll go from there! I am excited. It's close to Art, but not Art, and I think I need to expand my Horizons a bit!
That's it from here.


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