Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Patience and Perpetua

I am working too fast. Not like "Oh I am so prolific and woo-hoo look at all this beautiful work!!" It's a lot more like Stumbling around a Dark Garage tripping over Oil Cans. This collar had such promise--Weird Color Scheme, but the Bullion Stitches really coiled all over themselves nicely. I have not been sketching them out before hand, These have been like doodles in thread---which I like, but then you get a Mutated Red Flower at the focal point, and you think --- well---I should be planning maybe a wee bit!! So I need to really just get back to loving this and slowing down.

In other news: Film! I am beginning a documentary about women who use the Domestic Arts to make Gallery Art. The Idea came from Yarn Bombers that are popping up all around town. I did a great deal of research and discovered artists who were using Traditionally Female Duties and Squeezing beautiful Art out of Them. Magda Sayeg in Houston Texas, touted as the Originator of the Yarn Bomb trend, has agreed to be interviewed for it. Also Rebecca Purcell whose ideas on Adornment are Fantastic. I have artists for cooking and housecleaning as well.

At some point soon I will have to put up a blog about it. The Hitch has been the title! I was going to call it "Woman's Work". I kinda like that. But it's lacking in color and flavor. I want a good word, or to Coin an all descriptive phrase about it. Like Tarnation, or Religiolous. And I can't come up with it.

I think Titles are Terribly Important. If the title is Right, People know what you are talking about before you utter one word.

If anyone has ideas, please do offer up!! I'll give you a credit in the film!! Title Creator? Is that a job? Well it is now!



  1. i'm so glad to hear about your documentary project! i am terrible at Titles but i think that they often grow out of the project as it progresses... so maybe an interim blog title until it comes to you?

    i'm on leave from grad school (probably never to return) and my advisor (who i am hiding from) makes ethnographic films. i find film-making fascinating but it is not my Thing. still i wish i'd chosen a more crafty dissertation topic because maybe then i would still be interetested.. anyhoo congrats and keep us posted!

  2. Thank you for your comment..I am glad you get my point. Since I wrote it I've got a bit excited about a new project..can't start it till I've finished the big order(soon I hope) and you are calls you back.
    Your embroidery is very compelling, and the film sounds exciting. Hope it all comes together.

  3. I'm sorry that it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to. The bullion stich is pretty- I like the mix of colors in it.

    Your film sounds really interesting. So far all I've been able to think of is plays on the phrase a woman's work is never done. Like "A Woman's Work is Sometimes Art." I'll think on it some more.