Friday, October 22, 2010

Poisoned Apple!

My Mac done Sizzled and Fizzled!! For some reason the Socket on my laptop got very hot and Charred----yes Charred!!! Think Steak and Ribs and that crispy black stuff on Barbecue that I just found out is supposed to give you Stomach Cancer. But it was my MAC! Yikes.

Josh--the Apparent Genius, at Apple, was very nice and told me it would cost $106 to fix, and then told me it would cost nothing, but I don't have it for a week!!! So I am missing my New Found Blog Habit--but I'll be back after the weekend. For now---I saw this online from an artist named Amy Long---I thought it very interesting.

But I am actually On the Clock at the moment---but keep your fingers crossed for my laptop!


1 comment:

  1. clever title for your post. : )

    Hope your apple comes home soon (and free)