Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Softer Side of Bling

In Work Department, I have been getting really frustrated with how long everything is taking. Which I know is Crazy and everyone will tell you that it's not about Product, it's about Process. But when I am going crazy getting frustrated, it's not about the Product at all---it's about all the other ideas that float by that I can't catch and start because I am chained to an epic project. In Short: Anne Boleyn's Time Line Project is on hold. And in the meantime--I am making these Embroidered Box Rings!!
I kinda love them. In my early twenties, I was at Parsons School of Design in NYC, and I got fed up with how art school was. I was so disillusioned by what I saw going on with my education. It was a business, and I was sad. So I moved to Cape Cod and got a job at a bakery. And they taught me to decorate Wedding Cakes. These Rings totally remind me of doing that!!! They are like tiny little bitesized wedding cakes!! The one above is still being finished. Anyways. The length of the project allows me to switch gears if I get another idea, or if I get sick of one color combo, it's practically finished and I can go look at Blues or Greens or whatever I need to at the moment.

In a way it's kind of a discovery about my Process, to realize that I feel Trapped when I get involved in a long project.... I have to think about that a bit...... I also tried my hand at dress designing---it isn't that impressive. I really like it, but it was pointed out to me that it looks like a 1940's Jail Uniform for women....but you know, I am okay with that. What I need to understand better is how to deal with that saggy middle part, while still allowing myself to get in and out. Darts, yes, but then you are assuming I can deal with zippers, which I cannot!!!

So today is Bound to be Glorious---off on our bikes to have Brunch with my Love, hit our favorite junk shop, then this afternoon we are going to try to design unusual Sky Lanterns---this is a new obssesion I haven't mentioned to date..... Then tonight I am sleeping over Stella's, and tomorrow we are going to try to go Apple Picking!!! Very exciting Fall Weather kind of stuff.....

Today's Tea was Almond Oolong: So, it was ok. I think I need to get off the flavors though. I am missing straight up good old fashioned tea. A nice Assam. A Ceylon. A proper Oolong. I think when they flavor tea they use a lesser grade tea leaf, they are all short and stubby, and they don't blossom the way good tea does. A good tea leaf is pretty to look at wet or dry. And these are really depressing looking bits of mulch.....



  1. i just adore the rings, you must put some up on etsy! i also like having "smaller" projects for some gratification while i have longer ones underway. that way i can change it up based on my mood but still be making some "progress", somewhere.

    you are so brave doing dress design too! you could do buttons along the back rather than a zipper? hand stitching buttonholes is fun..

  2. I like almond flavored anything, but good point about the quality of the leaves.

    I too have a hard time with longer projects (although I'm not artistic like you). I like to see instant (or close to it) results.

    I love the pink and yellow ring!

    Fresh eggs do hard boil but can be very hard to peel.

    We're seriously considering getting goats but haven't made the leap yet. Some aspects of going from city girl to country girl have been easy (e.g., I love living in the country where everything is so green) others not so much. Like I still can't eat lettuce that I've grown myself. I eat a lot of our homegrown veggies but the lettuce just grosses me out for some reason. : )

  3. I forgot to mention that I like your dress. I wouldn't have noticed the prison dress resemblance. : ) Maybe buttons if the zipper won't work?

  4. Dru-yeah, I am feeling Much More Accomplished now that I have finished Something! I really like making the rings--it's like a quick sketch or a Thought... do you like the dirty fingernails in the photo? A Real Lady I am....

    K: Will you eat lettuce form the store? I love Almond anything too! My Mom was a Marzipan Zealot, if there can be such a thing. Everyone was getting Baby Ruths in their stockings and we got Marzipan! Which--before the time of internet---was a hard find.

  5. Yup, I love store lettuce (bibb, butter, romaine, spring greens, etc) and I love salads. It's just one of those weird things.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm marzipan!