Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Did I just take a Hiatus???

It certainly feels like it!! But real life called, and I didn't take the computer!! But I am certainly back! I spent a True Wonderful thanksgiving back in New England with the people I love best. I was supposed to go to a Highschool reunion, but my two oldest friends and I decided to REALLY be nostalgic---in our PJ's in front of the TV, chatting and gossiping. It was wonderful.
We were mostly with my Best friend, with her family by the beach. I have known them since I was 9 years old! I have known them three times longer than I have not known them. Isn't that strange? I take pride in that somehow. If nothing else speaks well of my life, then the relationships up there in that house do. It was nothing short of Bliss.

Other Snippets of News; we bought a car. I have never been a car person. I have no idea how the Whole World decided to Balance Itself on the Four Wheels of Automobiles. I have owned but one other car for 10 months in the early 90's. I see the convenience of it, but the expense seems ridiculous!!! I was semi forced into getting it---my Honey needs it to get to jobs that have no public transport. And it was kind of nice to go to a grocery store and not bike the groceries home....... but it feels like such an expensive, wasteful luxury. I took the Bus to work yesterday just to Spite it. It's a sweet ole thing though, a 1991 Wagon. It has very few miles, which apparently is a very good thing. And it is very spacious. And no one wants to break into it for sure!
And now I am home. Back to the real world. I have closed my Etsy Site, and I will be opening a website in the next month. I am refocusing my energies into a few good projects between glass and thread, and will go from there!!



  1. so glad you're back! i think i've had a blogging hiatus too. your pics look so nostalgic and new england-y! perfect for tv and gossip.. xo!

  2. Hey hi there..:)) glad you had such a wonderful thanks giving! That old friend thing sounds so incredibly wonderful, makes me want to wish i had that experience too :(

    I am so curious why you decided to close your Etsy shop…sometimes I think of doing that, but then I realize I don’t really know what would be the perks of having a website instead of an Etsy shop very well…. Do you?

  3. Thank you thank you--I've continued the hiatus somewhat--I can't believe how busy things are just now!

    To answer the Etsy question, It's about focus really, and also, being able to go after bigger fish. I am so crunched for time that to have a site that covers everything I do in one spot, (sculpture, glass, jewelry, and embroidery) working as a professional showcase that I can point clients to, is really what I need at this point. For me there is alot of explanation to what I do because I cross pollinate mediums so much. Having a Whole View, if you will, is more helpful to prospective clients. Sending them to a shopping cart is an awkward move. It was a hard call, but it was the right desicion. I kind of miss Etsy, but I would go and get lost tweaking This photo or That Description, looking at other people's stuff, reading the blog. It was a tremendous distraction for me. I'm online less, and in my studio more. It was a personal choice, but not a reflection of what Etsy is at all.

    That said-- I have been a very lax blogger!! Juggle juggle....
    I promise to do better this week.

  4. Have a great Christmas!!! xoxo dana