Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mysterious Bag

Well--the fact of the matter is I am getting up there. I am not 40, but it is Looming, not near enough to see the Crows Feet, but Near Enough to know I have to start taking care of myself. So like any Modern Day Girl would do---I went to a Chinese Doctor!!! She asked me lots of questions---far more, frankly, than any doctor I had been to before. Reliving the details I was forced to tell her about my body make me want to Die of Shame, as my good New Englanders upbringing so dictates. Agh.

I go elsewhere for Acupuncture (FYI: There is an amazing movement out there for Community Acupuncture---they have them in most big cities, the standard is $15 a visit. Do not be afraid--just go!), so I just went for the Herb, as they say.

She asks all these questions, and then she gives you a paper bag with about a pound of stuff that looks like styrofoam Slivers, Bark, Mold and Twigs. Well, for my perscription anyhow. Then you Stew this in a crockpot for 8 hours until the smell is so overwhelming that People in your Building start asking "What. the. hell. is. that?" with their faces all shriveled up. It's a little humbling to tell them you are about to drink it....

A few actually love the smell, most are disgusted. I am on the disgusted end. But I am nothing if not Committed to this Process (I just spent money on) so I drink 4 oz of this brown "tea" morning and evening. I am a week in now. I went to level off the Monthly Crazies, and I didn't notice much change there (when I was weeping to my Guy this weekend that he wants to leave me because he bought a pair of skinny jeans....he really is such an angel....). But my other complaints do seem alleviated somewhat. I am determined to stay on it. So I have another 3 weeks of what I would call "A fair trial". My Guy tried a sip of the brew (I warned him that it would be balancing his PMS, but he dove right in)---he said it tasted like dirt, coffee grounds, cinnamon and vodka. It's a pretty apt description. I would add "burnt licorice".
To kill the lingering taste of this mornings cup, I followed up with a pot of Chocolate Cinnamon Ceylon Tea. Ahhhh! I am home today, and yesterday I did all the Domestic Duties I was supposed to. So today is Just Art all day. Yay.


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  1. Hi!
    I love the notion of fighting the affects of aging...but I'm too busy to bother with most of it except daily walking (fast) on my treadmill! Several years ago I simply threw out all cosmetic make up, fancy hair products, and everything else. For me, it took twice the amount of time for half the results I once got when I was approaching forty years of age. Now, I'm 51 and just walk! I spent the rest of the time making art and ignoring the gray hair! Anyway, thanks for the comment on my blog....my grave rubbings are really easy to create....just put a piece of fabric over a tombstone and use the side of an ordinary crayon. Later, iron the fabric to melt out the excess wax. The remaining pigment is the rubbing! Thanks again!