Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am not an Italian Maestro

I Feel like I am always out of time These Days--and everything is only Half of what it Should Be. But my Spirits have been lifting after quite a few weeks of Self Introspection. I keep mentioning that Venus is in Retrograde--and I know it's just superstitious Nonsense, but she IS the House of Art, Luxury, and Creativity, as well as Profit, and she IS my signs Ruler, so since she is going Direct TOMORROW and I am feeling BETTER--I'm just going with it. Forgive me for turning into Stevie Nicks just to get out of my rut.....

I have been working, as you can see, but not just for me, which is why everything has been quiet here. Gotta Pay the bills. But what I have been coming up with has some merit.

These are new ideas in Crocheted cottons and cashmere. I am also working on a high necked version of a collar, but it is not going quite as I had hoped. We shall see. The Ring at the top of the page is called Russian Tablecloth--it looks like Russian/Slavic Peasant Embroidery to me. I am sure my Mother, who has great disdain for Anachronism, would be more than happy to correct my perception of the piece, but that's what I am going with. Anyways---

I like the idea of the Russian Tablecloth so much I am going to be working in those colors and ideas with these crocheted collars. I have not thought out how that will work, but I like the design of these so far. I think I need to rethink the base colors. I need a Mustardey Greeney yarn....Anyways--I think they could be beautiful.

And lastly, I have sat with my glass work for some hours, and have realized that I love glass, but I am no cup maker. I have to let the idea of functional glass go. There is no future in it, and honestly, I don't like making things like goblets, or cups or bowls. And you can go get those at Target for 2.50. No--I have decided, the Glass work has to be for love of the Process, and Love of the Medium. I have to get a Kiln up and running, and start getting back to my castings, without putting pressure on myself to be a Italian Maestro. I am. not. an. Italian. Maestro. It has to be about loving the medium again.

The good news is? I don't have to hate Glass anymore if I stick to my Guns.

Other News: I am going to join the BeeKeepers Guild. I am going to become a Bee keeper. Well, I think I am. I am going to a meeting tomorrow night to see if this is something I could get into. I have always been fascinated my the whole thing, so I am going to go see if I could be a Keeper. Apparently it all really starts in January/February for the Bees --Long before we think of Spring, so I am just in time to start the new Season!

And Tea: I am visiting my family next week after a rather large Rift, of quite a few Years. I am taking Tea. And I am very excited.



  1. i completely buy the venus in retrograde is holding us back. i'm glad to hear she will be righted tomorrow. do you ever check out i find the short reports by robert hand uncanny.

    i always love seeing what you are up to, and the crocheted collars are lovely, and cotton and cashmere will be so soft on the neck! i was on a crocheted-flower kick for a while, but haven't followed up on my plans for that..

    and bees! i am excited to hear how it goes as you get into it. i really enjoy bunny and sheep-keeping, but as much as i love honey i've never looked into doing the bee thing. i knew you were a brave girl!

  2. dear woman you might not be an italian meastro but you sure make beatiful things! i like the idea of thinking of a russian tablecloth, they have always inspired me:)

    GO with the beekeeping, that's great!!!!!

  3. You guys are sweet. I am beginning to think Blogs are where people go to be uber nice to one another---what is that?? Maybe you guys are this nice all the time... ?

    The beekeeping appears to be a go! I have much to learn. And having your whole colony die seems to be the Big Dread--and it does sound AWFUL. A lot of responsability.

    But here's an interesting tidbit--A beekeeper can create a queen from a drone. So there is hope for all of us!!!!

  4. I love your rings! And collars!

    I'm happy to hear that you don't have to hate glass making. It's important to make it work for you, I think.

    I've read about bee-keeping. It sounds very interesting. I think chicken-keeping is enough for me right now though. : )

    I really hope all goes very well with your visit with your family!!!!

    I tried to pull up your Etsy shop but the link isn't on your sidebar today. Could you send me an email so that I can write you? Thanks! karlatrx AT gmail DOT com